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  • Troubleshooting Website SSL Issues – No Padlock
    Having SSL problems? One of the most common issues our team handles is related to websites not properly displaying over HTTPS, whether it be the website either not loading entirely, or just not showing the green padlock: If you’re sure that the SSL…
    - 18 Mar 19, 6:07pm -
  • Safely Removing virtfs on a cPanel Server
    If you’re on a cPanel server, you’ve probably noticed a sizable folder called ‘virtfs’ sitting in /home, which would appear at first to be using a ton of space. Your first inclination might be to delete it, but don’t! Most likely, the files…
    - 14 Jan 19, 7:25pm -
  • Custom Exim Filter Examples
    cPanel allows you to easily create custom Exim filters by simply dropping the rules in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/ and running: /scripts/buildeximconf service exim restart Here are a couple useful examples of filters we’ve create…
    - 29 Aug 18, 6:08pm -
  • How to Set up a Local cPanel FastUpdate Mirror
    If you have more than a few cPanel servers in your network, it may be a good idea to set up your own mirror to serve the files necessary to run cPanel updates. Doing this could save time and bandwidth, as well as prevent problems caused by mirrors be…
    - 17 Feb 16, 5:16pm -
  • Installing LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates on CentOS + cPanel Servers
    Update! cPanel supports LetsEncrypt, but you just need to install the plugin for it to work. To do this, run: /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider Once installed, Let’s Encrypt will appear in WHM’s Manage AutoSSL interface (Home >> SSL/…
    - 15 Feb 16, 5:14pm -
  • cPanel Update Fails Due to RPM Conflict
    The cPanel update fails due to a problem installing RPMs, but is not specific about what the problem is: [20160203.180007] Testing if the newly downloaded RPMS can be installed without conflict [20160203.180007] Testing RPM transaction [20160203.1800…
    - 3 Feb 16, 6:25pm -
  • This system already has a database owner named X
    When attempting to create a user or restore a backup you may see this error: This system already has a database owner named___ To fix this, edit the following files on the system and remove entries for the user in question: /var/cpanel/databases/user…
    - 28 Jan 16, 9:19pm -
  • Changing the Public IP in a NAT setup

    - 20 Dec 15, 12:27am -
  • Upgrading OpenSSH on CentOS 5 or 6
    Note: This is an update from our 2011 post. If you’ve taken a peek at your PCI scan results lately, you may have noticed that your scan provider is now requiring OpenSSH 6.6 or higher due to CVE-2014-2532 – a version that is not currently avai…
    - 26 Jun 15, 4:57pm -
  • CloudLinux or BetterLinux?
    UPDATE 6/18: Shortly after this was posted and one of the major hosting companies I’m affiliated with removed BetterLinux from their servers due to stability problems, BetterLinux announced that they are shutting down, effective July 1st. Customers…
    - 15 Jun 15, 1:02am -


cPanel V88 CURRENT

- 24 days ago 12 May 20, 12:15am -
cPanel & WHM Version 88 is CURRENT!

- 24 days ago 12 May 20, 12:01am -
cPanel Tutorials - File Manager

- 52 days ago 13 Apr 20, 7:58pm -
WHM Tutorials - Introduction to the WHM Interface

- 71 days ago 25 Mar 20, 4:15pm -
Automatic Updates from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.7 Webinar

- 2 Jan 20, 3:39pm -
WHM Tutorials - How to Launch a Google Compute Engine Instance

- 20 Dec 19, 7:00pm -

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  • newRecommended LTE modem compatible with Linux?
    I'm looking for a m.2, pcie or USB LTE (unlocked) modem that's compatible with Linux. I'm deploying an Ubuntu server in a remote location and would like the LTE connection to be built in, instead of using an external device like the netgear 4g router…
    - 48 mins ago 4 Jun 20, 11:39pm -
  • newCheck network traffic with src ip which file getting accessed
    Hi, I would like to log a traffic from and to a specific IP-Address and would like to see which file it tries to access on my server. I thought something like tcpdump host X.X.X.X -s 65535 (maybe 0) -w dump.log But there it not clearly to see wich fi…
    - 4 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 8:08pm -
  • newis it possible to configure a single sshd to respond with different host keys depending on IP address or hostname?
    I've got a system with several servers in an active/standby configuration. Each has their own static IP addresses, then there are a set of IP addresses that only exist on the active server. Is there any way to configure sshd to use different host key…
    - 9 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 3:44pm -
  • newHow to efficiently grep a lot of files?
    I am searching through a lot of folders and sub folders for a file that matches a regex with grep. I am using this command: "grep -rial <regex> <initial folder>" to recursively search for all sub folders in <initial folder>. The problem is that this…
    - 12 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 12:03pm -
  • newZFS vs btrfs vs stratis
    Hey there, I'm starting to give more importance (for my usage) to advanced filesystem and focusing on these three. I know that stratis is not like ZFS or btrfs but it try to give same features. Currently stratis is only available on CentOS and RHEL b…
    - 14 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 10:07am -
  • newLogging out after adding user to group?
    Hi All, For the Linux desktop, is there any way to avoid complete loggoff. Say I installed docker on my mint 19 machine and added user into docker group (so I can run docker commands w/o sudo). If I do docker ps - it asks permission denies. Had this…
    - 15 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 9:43am -
  • newOpenLDAP
    i have installed and configured openldap server and client with a password policy and it is working perfectly but there is one thing i need to know, i need to setup idletimeout but i dont know how and i didnt find how another thing concerning passwor…
    - 15 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 9:33am -
  • newLinux login read password from file without typing it manually
    This is standard login ... you have to key in username after login and password manually after that. $ login <username> Password: <instead of typing it manually here, can I read this from file?> Instead of typing the password manually here, can I si…
    - 22 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 2:52am -
  • Unable to authenticate using SSSD on Ubuntu 18.04
    I have installed SSSD on Ubuntu but unable to login via ssh or console using an Active Directory account. The user is placed into the "supermen" AD group and supports AES 128 / 256-bit encryption. Been banging my head for days on this and running out…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 11:32pm -
  • GID differs on Ubuntu 18.04 servers. How do I fix?
    I just noticed that my gid is not the same across all of my servers. My uid is 1000 on all servers. My gid is 1000 on Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 10, but on Ubuntu 18.04 my gid is 1004 and 1000 seems to be in use by lpadmin. This is all becoming an issue…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 10:00pm -


The Linux Foundation Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

- 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 2:00pm -
Linux Foundation Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

- 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 2:00pm -
About Edge Computing - Overview

- 28 days ago 7 May 20, 1:30pm -
Keynote: Legal Initiative Update – “OIN Pivot” – Keith Bergelt, CEO, Open Invention Network

- 30 days ago 5 May 20, 10:10pm -
Keynote: The Cost of Democratization? Open Source and the Future of Ethical... Dr. Rumman Chowdhury

- 30 days ago 5 May 20, 10:10pm -
Keynote: Open Source, Better, Faster, Stronger - Kelly Hammond, Intel

- 30 days ago 5 May 20, 10:10pm -

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  • newThe Beauty of Unix Pipelines
    submitted by /u/iamkeyur [link] [comments]
    - 2 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 10:13pm -
  • newHacking the Planet With Notcurses: A Guide to TUIs and Character Graphics [pdf]
    submitted by /u/dholdrums [link] [comments]
    - 6 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 6:00pm -
  • newjulia as a cli calculator
    submitted by /u/krasjet [link] [comments]
    - 14 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 10:43am -
  • newHow to make fzf use ripgrep as the default file search command?
    ​ I keep getting command not found with either fd or ripgrep. My fzf configuration are on my .zshrc. Should I move it to .zshe…
    - 19 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 5:09am -
  • newsarc - sArCaSm in your terminal
    submitted by /u/tomontheinternet [link] [comments]
    - 22 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 2:12am -
  • Sysfo, a utility to get information about your system!
    Hi all, I'm currently learning C, and I decided to make a command line utility to get information about your system, now I want to hear your opinion on it! Are there any ways I can improve the code? Or something I should change, any feedback is appre…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 3:58pm -
  • What are all these open files?
    After reading a story that was circulating on Twitter about how zoom had installed a server on your computer and it would still run after you uninstalled it, I checked in my terminal to see if I had it (I did not). However, I do have a bunch of open…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 2:17pm -
  • How to create partition tables on flashsystem (ESP32, pycom fipy) ?
    not quite the right sub, I know. but maybe smbdy knows.. Hi there! What I'm basically asking for is some guidline, because I don't have any Idea where to start and just try from here to there. I'm not looking for an enxplicit pycom-crack but for anyb…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 1:35pm -
  • Midnight Commander loop style navigation
    Hi, forgive me broken english ;) I have a question about Midnight Commander Is it possible to press the up arrow when the selection is at the top, and go to the last item? ("loop" navigation style) submitted by /u/man_with_leaf_head [link]…
    - 2 days ago 3 Jun 20, 10:44am -
  • How to make a Command Line applicaiton using WebRTC and Node.js?
    0 I have an idea for a side project where i will connect two terminals(clients) using WebRTC and they will share some data with each other(assume a CLI chat app) using Node.js. But wherever i read about WebRTC it always says that it works only in bro…
    - 2 days ago 3 Jun 20, 9:26am -

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Say Cheese, Webcam Effects Demo

- 9 May 11, 9:18pm -
Understanding Parallel Computing: Amdahl's Law

- 28 Mar 11, 4:26am -
Understanding Parallel Computing (Part 2): The Lawn Mower Law

- 28 Mar 11, 4:16am -
LMTV Video Response Contest: What Makes Linux Better?

- 25 Mar 11, 9:10pm -
Aligning SSD Partitions

- 16 Mar 11, 10:32pm -
Mixing Voice and Music Audio in Audacity

- 10 Mar 11, 2:31pm -

  • newLenovo’s Massive Ubuntu And Red Hat Announcement Levels Up Linux In 2020 (Forbes)
    Beginning this month, Lenovo will certify its ThinkStation PCs and ThinkPad P Series laptops for both Ubuntu LTS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Every single model, every single configuration across the entire workstation portfolio. And it doesn’t en…
    - 21 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 3:08am -
  • newCNAB: A package format for the cloud
    By Matt Butcher, special to Introduction Installing a new app on your phone is simple. So is installing one on your Mac, Linux box, or PC. It should be just as simple to install a distributed application into your cloud — this is the goal…
    - 22 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 2:07am -
  • newThe Linux Foundation introduces Cloud Engineer Bootcamp for cloud job seekers (ZDNet)
    Steven J. Vaughn Nichols writes at ZDNet about the Linux Foundation’s new Cloud Engineer Bootcamp: While there are plenty of cloud classes out there, the Linux Foundation claims it’s the “first-ever bootcamp program, designed to take individu…
    - 23 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 1:49am -
  • From Kernel Development Student to SysAdmin to Linux Author
    In 2016, Ahmed Alkabary had just graduated from the University of Regina, where he earned degrees in computer science and mathematics. He began using Linux in the second year of his studies and quickly developed such a passion for it that he began ex…
    - 4 days ago 1 Jun 20, 11:05am -
  • Red Hat: Holding Its Own and Fueling Open Source Innovation
    When IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 billion in 2019, it was considered the industry’s largest software acquisition. The synergy between the two companies led them to become one of the leading hybrid multi-cloud providers globally. In most acquisition…
    - 4 days ago 31 May 20, 10:56pm -
  • COVID-19 Crisis: FOSS Responders Raises $115,000 To Support Community
    The cancellation of FOSS events amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on organisations and projects that either rely on events for funding or to promote their work to potential donors and sponsors. The post COVID-19 Crisi…
    - 5 days ago 30 May 20, 2:35pm -
  • openSUSE Leap 15.2 Hits RC Phase With GNOME 3.34 + KDE Plasma 5.18, Sway
    OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 also is bringing new packages for AI and data scientists, an updated DNF package manager, and many other package updates.The post openSUSE Leap 15.2 Hits RC Phase With GNOME 3.34 + KDE Plasma 5.18, Sway appeared first on…
    - 5 days ago 30 May 20, 2:35pm -
  • How to find and remove broken symlinks on Linux
    Check out how to find and remove symlinks that point to files that have been moved or removed.The post How to find and remove broken symlinks on Linux appeared first on
    - 5 days ago 30 May 20, 2:35pm -
  • India’s contact tracing app made open source, but will this thwart a surveillance state?
    A good app collects as little data as possible so that a user's privacy is protected, but Aarogya Setu have required continuous access to location history and Bluetooth. The post India’s contact tracing app made open source, but will this thwart a…
    - 5 days ago 30 May 20, 2:35pm -
  • Open source sustainability: It’s complicated
    Those proposing easy answers for how to pay for more open source code to be written clearly aren't talking to the founders of these projects. The post Open source sustainability: It’s complicated appeared first on
    - 5 days ago 30 May 20, 2:35pm -



New iPhone Jailbreak for iOS 13 Released! - ThreatWire

- 2 days ago 2 Jun 20, 3:00pm -
Announcing Hak5 on Twitch - Hack Live, backstage with Hak5

- 14 days ago 21 May 20, 8:17pm -
Stealing Hashes without Admin via Internal Monologue - Practical Exploitation

- 15 days ago 21 May 20, 12:00am -
Who’s Trying To Hack COVID-19 Vaccine Orgs? - ThreatWire

- 16 days ago 19 May 20, 5:00pm -
SSH Access - Key Croc 104

- 16 days ago 19 May 20, 2:00pm -
Serial Access - Key Croc 103

- 19 days ago 16 May 20, 2:00pm -


  • newLenovo Upping Their Linux Support
    Lenovo is now offering full certification and Linux preinstalled hardware.
    - 8 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 4:44pm -
  • LPI Launches FOSSlife Website
    Linux Professional Institute launches FOSSlife, a website for the FOSS community.
    - 3 days ago 1 Jun 20, 1:18pm -
  • Tuxedo Computers Joins the Ryzen Bandwagon
    Tuxedo Computers has released the Tuxedo Boot BA15 with an AMD Ryzen 3500 CPU.
    - 10 days ago 26 May 20, 12:04am -
  • Linux Apps on Windows Is Coming
    Linux GUI apps will be coming to Windows Subsystem for Linux.
    - 14 days ago 21 May 20, 8:34pm -
  • Pop!_OS
    Pop!_OS’s design may get in the way of its functionality for some users.
    - 24 days ago 11 May 20, 9:44pm -
  • Linux Usage Is on the Rise
    According to NetMarketShare, Linux saw a significant bump in usage during April.
    - 24 days ago 11 May 20, 9:23pm -
  • Lenovo is Jumping on the Linux Laptop Bandwagon
    PC and laptop maker Lenovo is set to release ThinkPad laptops pre-installed with Fedora Linux.
    - 28 days ago 7 May 20, 5:48pm -
  • Untitled
    In the news: Nextcloud Partners with IONOS; Linux to Get High Resolution Wheel Scrolling; KDE Developers Are Working on a TV Interface; System76 is Developing a New Keyboard; Embedded Linux Joins the Fight Against COVID-19; and AWS Launches a New Lin…
    - 31 days ago 4 May 20, 6:16pm -
  • Reinventing Linux home directories with systemd-homed
    Systemd has already changed almost everything about the Linux startup process. Now an experimental new feature takes on the challenge of user home directories.
    - 31 days ago 4 May 20, 6:16pm -
  • System monitoring with Glances
    Admins and power users like to watch the load on their computers. Glances lets you see immediately if something is wrong.
    - 31 days ago 4 May 20, 6:16pm -


  • Linux Journal Ceases Publication: An Awkward Goodbye
    by Kyle Rankin IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM LINUX JOURNAL, LLC:On August 7, 2019, Linux Journal shut its doors for good. All staff were laid off and the company is left with no operating fun…
    - 8 Aug 19, 1:55am -
  • Oops! Debugging Kernel Panics
    by Petros Koutoupis A look into what causes kernel panics and some utilities to help gainmore information.Working in a Linux environment, how often have you seen a kernel panic?Wh…
    - 7 Aug 19, 11:30pm -
  • Loadsharers: Funding the Load-Bearing Internet Person
    by Eric S. Raymond The internet has a sustainability problem. Many of its criticalservices depend on the dedication of unpaid volunteers, because theycan't be monetized and thus don…
    - 7 Aug 19, 11:00pm -
  • Documenting Proper Git Usage
    by Zack Brown Jonathan Corbet wrote a document for inclusion in the kernel tree, describingbest practices for merging and rebasing git-based kernel repositories. As he putit, it rep…
    - 7 Aug 19, 10:30pm -
  • Understanding Python's asyncio
    by Reuven M. Lerner How to get started using Python's asyncio.Earlier this year, I attended PyCon, the international Pythonconference. One topic, presented at numerous talks and di…
    - 7 Aug 19, 10:00pm -
  • RV Offsite Backup Update
    by Kyle Rankin Having an offsite backup in your RV is great, and after a year of use,I've discovered some ways to make it even better.Last year I wrote a feature-length article on…
    - 7 Aug 19, 9:15pm -
  • Another Episode of "Seems Perfectly Feasible and Then Dies"--Script to Simplify the Process of Changing System Call Tables
    by Zack Brown David Howells put in quite a bit of work on a script,./scripts/, to simplify the entire process of changing thesystem call tables. With this script, i…
    - 7 Aug 19, 8:45pm -
  • Experts Attempt to Explain DevOps--and Almost Succeed
    by Bryan Lunduke What is DevOps? How does it relate to other ideas and methodologieswithin software development? Linux Journal Deputy Editor and longtimesoftware developer, Bryan Lun…
    - 7 Aug 19, 8:00pm -
  • DNA Geometry with cadnano
    by Joey Bernard This article introduces a tool you can use to work on three-dimensional DNA origami. The package is called cadnano, and it's currentlybeing developed at the Wyss Inst…
    - 7 Aug 19, 7:30pm -
  • Running GNOME in a Container
    by Adam Verslype Containerizing the GUI separates your work and play.Virtualization has always been a rich man's game, and more frugalenthusiasts—unable to afford fancy server-cl…
    - 7 Aug 19, 7:00pm -


  • newLinuxfx 10: A Smart, Easy Way to Transition From Windows
    Linuxfx 10 could provide businesses and consumers with a Windows 7-like experience that puts users on a smooth downhill path to Linux adoption. Distributions that tweak styles and desktop environment settings to create a Windows-clone type of famili…
    - 4 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 7:59pm -
  • Lenovo Duet: Chrome OS Shines on Innovative 2-in-1
    Lenovo introduced innovations that push the limits of Chrome OS-powered tablets with a new 2-in-1 form factor in the IdeaPad Chromebook Duet. This new device mimics Microsoft's Surface Pro line, using the Chrome OS instead of Microsoft Windows. It r…
    - 2 days ago 2 Jun 20, 8:54pm -
  • POP!_OS Delivers Outstanding GNOME Experience
    POP!_OS 20.04 has the potential to be one of the best starting points for any new Linux user. Given this distro's rising popularity, it will continue to hold that distinction. That is a bold statement, but developer System76, has made some bold move…
    - 8 days ago 27 May 20, 7:06pm -
  • Linux Foundation Joins Ranks of International Standards Submitters
    The Linux Foundation has achieved a major milestone: formal status on the international standards front. Its Joint Development Foundation received approval as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 Publicly Available Specification Submitter. The submitter status designat…
    - 16 days ago 19 May 20, 7:33pm -
  • Modicia OS Ultimate Comes With Cool, Unique UI Twists
    If you are looking for a really cool Linux computing platform with lots of extras and a twist on traditional desktop design, check out Modicia OS Ultimate. If you distro hop or browse through traditional outlets for Linux operating systems, you prob…
    - 20 days ago 15 May 20, 7:49pm -
  • Abandoned Open Source Code Heightens Commercial Software Security Risks
    Outdated or abandoned open source components are persistent in practically all commercial software, putting enterprise and consumer applications at risk from security issues, license compliance violations, and operational threats, concludes the Syno…
    - 23 days ago 13 May 20, 4:00am -
  • MakuluLinux Delivers Modernity With New Core Platform
    If you are looking for a well-designed Linux distro that is far from mainstream, loaded with performance features not found elsewhere, check out the 2020 upgrade of the MakuluLinux Core distro. It could change your perspective on what a daily comput…
    - 28 days ago 8 May 20, 9:53am -
  • Red Hat’s Virtual Summit Crowds Hint at Future Conference Models
    In what could be a trial run for more of the same, Red Hat last week held a first-ever virtual technical summit to spread the word about its latest cloud tech offerings. CEO Paul Cormier welcomed online viewers to the conference, which attracted mor…
    - 29 days ago 7 May 20, 11:00am -
  • Linux Foundation Leads Initiative for Better Digital Trust
    The Linux Foundation will host the Trust over IP Foundation, a cross-industry effort to ensure more secure data handling over the Internet. This new foundation is an independent project enabling trustworthy exchange and verification of data between…
    - 30 days ago 5 May 20, 7:03pm -
  • EndeavourOS 2020: Possibly the Best Arch Linux Option
    EndeavourOS is a rolling release Arch Linux-based distribution with some handy new features that improve the user experience. This latest version comes with graphical install options and preconfigured desktop environments. It introduces several in-h…
    - 35 days ago 1 May 20, 11:00am -


linux fox
linux fox
- 4 days ago 31 May 20, 6:01pm -
Linux 2014 Logo
Linux 2014 Logo
- 29 May 14, 8:35am -
Minimal Arch Linux with Openbox
Minimal Arch Linux with Openbox
- 29 Dec 13, 4:20am -
Arch Linux Awesome WM
Arch Linux Awesome WM
- 7 Jul 13, 2:59pm -

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  • Chinese hide chips in US planes
    Evidence is piling up that cyber security is one of this generation’s most critical issues. Remarks by the National Counterintelligence Executive, Dr. Joel F. Brenner, at the Applied Research Laboratories University of Texa…
    - 20 Apr 09, 5:40pm -
  • Social Media overload? Try FriendFeed with Alert Thingy
    If you’ve found yourself buried under Twitter messages (tweets), Facebook statuses, Flickr images, Delicious links, Tumblr posts and/or whatever other social data you can muster, then please allow me to promptly direct you…
    - 14 Apr 08, 8:20pm -
  • Synchronize your files with Memeo AutoSync
    {ad}Have you ever used the synchronize files feature in Windows? This is the feature that allows you to make files available offline when you are not connected to a network drive. It also […]The post Synchronize your files…
    - 4 Mar 08, 6:06pm -
  • Review: Diskeeper 2008
    Most seasoned PC users are familiar with the concept of defragging your hard disk but ask them the last time they defragged and they probably won’t have an answer. Windows actually comes with […]The post Review: Diskeepe…
    - 21 Dec 07, 6:44pm -
  • Review: Take a power nap with Pzizz
    I’ve tried power napping on and off for years. Unfortunately, the biggest problem I have with power napping is making sure that I wake up in time to get things done for the […]The post Review: Take a power nap with Pzizz…
    - 19 Sep 07, 9:13pm -
  • Review: Create Professional Quality Videos with Sony Vegas 7
    If you are looking to make professional quality audio/video productions you should seriously consider Sony Vegas 7 DVD production suite as a mainstay for your personal multimedia productions studio. This is a feature […]Th…
    - 13 Sep 07, 6:27pm -
  • Review: Backup your photos with the Photo Safe
    One of the things about traveling with a digital camera is you inevitably wind up filling your memory cards. There are a couple of solutions to this. One is buying more memory cards. […]The post Review: Backup your photos…
    - 10 Sep 07, 8:24pm -
  • Review: Anagram lets you create a contact or calendar entry in two clicks
    {ad} I’m a power user when it comes to contact and task management. That said, I’ve been a user of ACT, Palm Desktop, and most recently Microsoft Outlook. I’m addicted to putting in […]The post Review: Anagram lets y…
    - 10 Sep 07, 2:03pm -
  • ReadyBoost on the Run
    One of the most notable new features in Windows Vista is ReadyBoost. This is a caching feature that uses flash memory in order to speed up Vista’s performance. Because flash memory is cheap, […]The post ReadyBoost on the…
    - 3 Apr 07, 2:21pm -
  • Xoxide X-Turbine
    Lately there seems to be an over abundance of steel, premodded cases on the market, each with no clear advantages over the other. These cases seem to be surprisingly similar with only minimal […]The post Xoxide X-Turbine a…
    - 12 Jun 03, 11:54am -



Overview: Kdenlive 20.04.0

- 19 days ago 16 May 20, 10:00pm -
First Look: Endeavor OS

- 29 days ago 7 May 20, 12:15am -
Spatry's Favorite Android Apps 2020: Faith Based Apps + Games

- 29 days ago 6 May 20, 8:30pm -
Spatry's Favorite Android Apps 2020: Root Applications

- 29 days ago 6 May 20, 4:17pm -
Spatry's Favorite Android Apps 2020: Package Management

- 30 days ago 5 May 20, 10:00pm -
Spatry's Favorite Android Apps 2020: Launcher, Widgets & More

- 30 days ago 5 May 20, 7:00pm -


  • newMicrosoft starts Edge-for-Edge swap on Windows 10 PCs
    Microsoft has started to push the Chromium-based Edge browser to Windows 10 users through the Windows Update service, according to company support documents."This update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update," stated o…
    - 5 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 7:57pm -
  • newThe key point most Android vs. iOS arguments miss
    In my approximately 97 years of covering Android, I've heard it all:"You can't have privacy if you use Android!""You can't have security if you use Android!""You can't get upgrades if you use Android!""You can't have a good user experience if…
    - 8 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 4:20pm -
  • newThe Zebra lets you compare car insurance rates without hassle or commitment
    In most states, auto insurance isn't just a necessity in case of an accident. It's your actual legal responsibility. So why is it so hard to get?To be clear, it's not hard at all to do the bare minimum. You could certainly choose the first car ins…
    - 10 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 2:05pm -
  • newApple CEO Tim Cook: 'Speaking up on racism'
    In an important move, Apple CEO Tim Cook has published an open letter on the company’s website in which he speaks up on racism following the tragic events emanating from Minneapolis.Face the challenge of changeResponding to the “senseless kil…
    - 10 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 2:01pm -
  • newWindows 10X: Train wreck in slow motion – or the future of Windows?
    If you’re a resolute Windows watcher, you may have heard about Windows 10X, the new version of Windows Microsoft has been cooking up. But there’s a great deal of confusion about Windows 10X, because Microsoft hasn’t been forthcoming about its p…
    - 14 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 10:00am -
  • Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 restarts purge of Windows 7
    Windows resumed a more-or-less normal pattern in May as Windows 7 shed share while Windows 10 added to its account, bucking the March-April trend where roles had flipped – perhaps because of businesses and governments urging people to work at ho…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 7:25pm -
  • Prep yourself to earn Cisco CCNA & CCNP certifications for just $35
    Spending more time at home these days? Then this is an ideal opportunity to upgrade your skills. And that’s especially the case for IT professionals. Many technical courses, after all, can be taken via the web, so there’s no need to ever leave…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 20, 3:30pm -
  • Wayback Wednesday: Four-letter words
    This pilot fish works in an IT group that supports a semiconductor fabrication facility.“The first step of the manufacturing process was to microscopically etch four-digit serial numbers onto the silicon using a laser,” fish says.“One day, a…
    - 2 days ago 3 Jun 20, 10:00am -
  • The ultimate guide to privacy on Android
    On the surface, Android and privacy might not seem like the most natural of bedfellows. Google is known for its advertising business, after all — it's how the company makes the lion's share of its money — and it can be tough to square the noti…
    - 2 days ago 3 Jun 20, 10:00am -
  • 5 more hidden Pixel features worth finding
    Need a distraction from — uh, you know, everything? I sure do. And there's nothing that puts me in a happy, temporarily oblivious place quite like finding underappreciated features for my favorite Googley gadgets.Earlier this year, we talked abo…
    - 2 days ago 2 Jun 20, 4:45pm -



  • newLinuxfx 10: A Smart, Easy Way to Transition From Windows
    Linuxfx 10 could provide businesses and consumers with a Windows 7-like experience that puts users on a smooth downhill path to Linux adoption. Distributions that tweak styles and desktop environment settings to create a Windows-clone type of familia…
    - 4 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 7:59pm -
  • newMicrosoft Sacks Editors, Gives Jobs to AI
    Some 50 editors working for Microsoft's news operation have learned their contracts won't be renewed and their jobs will be performed by artificial intelligence software, according to reports. The contractors hired through staffing agencies Aquent, I…
    - 13 hours ago 4 Jun 20, 11:00am -
  • Jack Dorsey and the End of Twitter
    I'm a member of what is likely a reasonably sizable informal group of people who trained to be a CEO but declined the job -- in my case, several times. So I don't envy the position that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is in as he tries to figure out a way t…
    - 3 days ago 1 Jun 20, 6:50pm -
  • Apple-Google Contact Tracing App Gets First Trial in Switzerland
    Switzerland has launched a pilot program for SwissCovid, a contact tracing app based on Apple and Google's jointly developed APIs. The APIs will work with iOS 13.5 and devices running Android 6.0 or higher. The pilot involves several thousand workers…
    - 6 days ago 29 May 20, 6:51pm -
  • POP!_OS Delivers Outstanding GNOME Experience
    POP!_OS 20.04 has the potential to be one of the best starting points for any new Linux user. Given this distro's rising popularity, it will continue to hold that distinction. That is a bold statement, but developer System76, has made some bold moves…
    - 8 days ago 27 May 20, 7:07pm -
  • XRSpace Headset Opens Door to New Virtual World
    A new virtual reality headset designed for mobility will serve as an entry point into a new virtual world. The $599 Mova headset from XRSpace, founded by former HTC chief Peter Chou, will support 5G and be the exclusive on-ramp to Manova, a social re…
    - 8 days ago 27 May 20, 5:28pm -
  • Necessity May Give Us a Virtual Court System
    One of the exciting things that came out of Microsoft Build was that the company has been working to create virtual court solutions. If done right, a virtual system could fix a lot of court-related problems. It would allow judges to work around their…
    - 10 days ago 25 May 20, 7:15pm -
  • From Hobby to Career Path: Tech-Savvy HS Sophomore Learns by Doing
    What started out as a hobby to feed his passion for technology has turned into a business for Skyler Ficklin, operator of the QuitZoom website and iSkyler YouTube video channel. Ficklin, stuck at home while his Ohio high school is closed due to COVID…
    - 14 days ago 22 May 20, 11:00am -
  • How to Soup Up Your Home WiFi With Multiple Repeaters and Access Points
    Does flaky Internet connectivity have you scrounging for solutions? The COVID-19 pandemic increased our demand for Internet service due to working from home, online learning for kids, and video conferencing with colleagues and family members. For man…
    - 14 days ago 21 May 20, 7:39pm -
  • Will Apple's AR Glasses Be Ready for Spring 2021 Debut?
    Apple may launch a line of AR smart glasses in the spring of 2021. The new peepers will be called "Apple Glass" and sell for $499, with prescription lenses costing more, based on the latest leaks. Both lenses are displays that support gesture interac…
    - 15 days ago 20 May 20, 6:21pm -
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